Dragon Fruit Diseases

We found a lot disease in dragon fruits. Fungal as well bacterial diseases. Many diseases are caused by bad farm management such as pruning techniques and bad maintenance. You can  see more about dragon fruit at http://reddragonfruits.blogspot.com/











2 responses to “Dragon Fruit Diseases

  1. You can control bacterial disease , Xanthomonas by pruning away all infected branches.Don’t leave the diseased branches on the farm ,this might affect your plants later. You can do ‘minor surgery’ on the plant if the disease is not serious i.e just remove away the rotten tissues and paint it with fungicides.

  2. Thank you. I still believe that the spread of diseases are due to sucking insects like plant hopper, ants etc. We have tried to diagnose ‘white spots’ on branches of dragon fruits but none microorganisms detected. Pls try to look are ants or whats not the plants, if so you have to get rid of it maybe using plant vinegar or humic acids.
    pls also browse my blog at reddragonfruits.blogspot.com

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